Supporting Chefs/Artisans and Small Businesses

Hello Chef/Cook/culinary professional,

I hope this meets you well. Please see cooking class details below. Looking forward to having an exciting class.

What We Need

  • Dish, Ingredients and recipe (to share with attendees)
  • Pictures of yourself, and various dishes that represent you
  • Promo video (something simple to be used for promotion)
  • Bio or something we could highlight about you

Attendee Management

  • Send the attendees ingredients for class at least a week before the class
  • Notify attendees of any change at least a week in advance of the class

Cooking Class Format

  • Interactive class where attendees have the chance to cook along with the chef
  • Attendees are encouraged to ask questions
  • We encourage chefs to engage attendees –  create polls, ask questions and more

Zoom Class 

  • We would send you Zoom link for class
  • We recommend doing a test at least one day before the class (especially if not familiar with Zoom)
  • Most participants use 2 cameras one that takes a general shot and one for close up shots of the food


  • We would create flyers, promo video
  • We would create sponsored social media ads to market your class
  • Chefs will post up flyers and share with their followers
  • We could do promo with limited ticket giveaway, T shirts and more.


  • You (the host) receive 70% of proceeds while African Restaurant Week the organizer receives 30% of proceeds
  • Payment will be no later than 12days after the class

Each Odyssey Across Africa & Diaspora class is an interactive cooking session where (professional chefs, amateurs, home cooks, restaurant owners, food entrepreneurs and more) tell their stories, teach and highlight their various cooking techniques and ingredients – while engaging a local and global audience.