African Restaurant Week
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African Restaurant Week Cooking Class – Learn how to cook African dishes in our LIVE cooking classes. You will learn how to make meals that can be incorporated into your kitchen to nourish yourself and your family.



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​​WHY – showcase the diversity in our cuisine and our rich tradition. Tell our stories and highlight all of our chefs – the keepers of our culture.

​​WHAT – Cooking classes to be held on IG Live and on Zoom. Will include traditional and fusion dishes with chefs from across the diaspora teaching and highlighting their various cooking techniques and ingredients. Will include a Q&A session with the chef as well. Sign up today – email us at [email protected] for all questions.
​​Explore the complex spices, native ingredients, flavorful stews from across the continent and the diaspora. 


Featuring founder of the African Restaurant Week (Akin Akinsanya) talking about African Restaurant Week an opportunity to help boost the local economy, come together to celebrate the food, people and culture of the African Diaspora and support the various local restaurants, chefs, caterers, cafes and various small businesses in our community

Join Chefs all across the diaspora as we explore the complex spices, native ingredients, flavorful stews from across the continent, and the multifaceted culture that is African. Whether you’re a novice or have been cooking for some time, each class offers an array of information that is sure to add more vibrancy to your dishes.


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