Supporting Chefs/Artisans and Small Businesses

What is Odyssey Across Africa and Diaspora “Cooking Class”?

The Virtual edition on Zoom/Instagram will showcase chefs cooking dishes from across Africa and the black diaspora. Highlighting our chefs and culinary professionals.

Will I receive any technical support? We advise to do a test run a day before your event to ensure a smooth audio visual experience for attendees

Where would the classes be hosted? You choose. Classes are held on Instagram and on Zoom. Classes held on Instagram are usually free classes for quick simple recipes while classes held on Zoom require a fee from the attendees and are more complex recipes. 

Do I get paid? Yes. You get paid 80% of the proceeds from ticket sales for Zoom classes

.When do I get paid? 7 – 12 after your class

How many participants? 5 to 20 per class

How long is the class? As long as it takes

Will I get the event video? Yes

Please email [email protected] for all questions