Supporting Chefs/Artisans and Small Businesses

Hello Chef/Cook/culinary professional,

I hope this meets you well. This is Akin from the African Restaurant week. You are invited to participate in Odyssey Across Africa & Diaspora “Dinning Series”.

This events aims to bring community together, highlight chefs, culture, cuisine and ultimately help make a difference by donating part of the proceeds to an organization making change.


Event Elements

  • 3 to 5 course dinner
  • Dishes inspired by African/Black diaspora cuisine – could be traditional or fusion dishes
  • Part of proceeds to be donated to an organization making change
  • Dinners could be virtual or in person.

HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE AS YOU TELL YOUR STORY – professional chefs, amateurs, home cooks, and more tell their stories through food while engaging community.


Will I receive any support? We typically help secure the venue. Extensive promotional support and marketing

Where would the event hosted? The event would e hosted at partner venues, private homes and also virtually.

How does it Work? Chef will present 3 to 5 course menu inspired by African/Black Diaspora cuisine. Tickets are usually priced between $100 and $250 – depending on offering

How would event be hosted virtually? Chefs would simple deliver food to guest. All guests would connect virtually at a set time to eat and discuss via Zoom with the chef as the host.

What do I get paid? Yes. You get paid 60% – 70% of the proceeds from ticket sales.

How much goes to charity? Typically 10% – 25% of proceeds is donated to charity

When do I get paid? 6 – 12 after your class

How many participants? 5 to 40  – would depend on venue size

Please feel free to follow up with all questions