African Restaurant Week Menu Guidelines:

  • Always present the  African Restaurant Week (ARW) menu with your standard menu or have it visible as a table tent or in a prominent position in your menu folder.
  • We suggest providing three options for each of three courses, for example three appetizers, three entrees and three desserts. Your menu will leave an impression on diners, especially people visiting for the first time.
  • Please note on the menu If beverage, tax and gratuities are not included in the price.
  • Menu items should be representative of your restaurant in portion size and quality.
  • Consider including a vegetarian option for wider appeal.
  • Offer a special, fixed-price, three-course dinner or lunch menu.
  • Provide descriptions of the dish, ingredients, and cooking method to interest patrons.

Provide information to your Staff:

  • Ensure your entire staff is familiar with the details about NYARW – the duration of the event, the menu prices and the types of dishes on offer.
  • Staff should be familiar with all the specials, and events related to ARW.
  • Explain ingredients, cooking methods of the special dishes to staff.

Promoting African Restaurant Week to your clientele:

Email your ARW menu to [email protected] for promotion on our website and social media. Include the name of your restaurant in the subject line of the email.

  • Put up African restaurant Week posters and table tents – we will provide
  • Use your mailing lists to inform your patrons of your participation in ARW.
  • “Like” African Restaurant week on Facebook and Instagram . This helps us promote your restaurant.
  • Upload photos of your ARW menu items to your social media with #AfricanRestaurantWeek
  • Spread the word. A dedicated allotment of 4×6 cards will be delivered to participation restaurants. Present these cards with customer checks to promote your participation.


Fixed-price 3-course meal for $15-45. This variable price point allows restaurants to price their menus accordingly. Menu items do not have to come from the restaurant’s regular menu, but should be representative of the restaurant’s style of cooking.

During ARW  – Restaurants will make available their prefix menu to customers. Vouchers for prefix menu would be available for purchase at the restaurants

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for all questions