​​COME EAT WITH YOUR EYES – Best Dressed Jollof Rice Contest

will bring various chefs, caterers, culinary professionals from around the world to showcase their best “eye-watering” and “mouth-watering” plate of Jollof rice. This time around we will be eating with our eyes. Winner to take home $300

  • Each contestant will showcase their best plate of Jollof rice via Instagram
  • ​​The public will vote with their “likes” and “shares”
  • ​​The the first 8 contestants with the most likes on Instagram will move on to the next round.will move on to the next stage.​​
  • Judges will pick another 8 contestants

Rules for Choosing The Winner

  • October 2nd (sweet sixteen) – first set of 16 are chosen – 8 will be chosen by the public and another 8 chosen by the judges​​
  • October 10 (elite 8) – next set chosen 4 will be chosen by the public and 4 by the judges​​
  • October 16 – (final four selection) – 2 chosen by judges and 2 chosen by the public​​
  • October 18 (winner selected out of the final four) – public will pick the last 2 and the judges will pick the winner​​

Judges Criteria – judges will make their selection based on originality (overall creativity), cultural content and quality of photography.

​​African Restaurant Week is an opportunity to help boost the local economy, come together to celebrate the food, people and culture of the African Diaspora and support the various local restaurants, chefs, caterers, cafes and various small businesses in our community.
​​Help Make a Difference – we work with foodies, world travelers, culture enthusiasts, local residents, community leaders, and various stakeholders in making a difference with every sip and bite.

Jollof Rice 02

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​​Some Past Events

Banana Bread
Festival flyer - updated

The hardship brought about by Covid-19 has been especially hard on our local businesses (The restaurant industry is expected to lose about $250 in revenue this year) – Our local businesses have been disproportionately affected and it has not been ever more important to re-invigorate our local businesses.

The difficulties suffered by our small businesses has made our mission even more critical and we will be expanding to new cities this year: Including Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Miami, LA, more cities to be announced. 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone but together we will make it.