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  • Please expect to provide your own tables and chairs unless otherwise specified by the organizers
  • Please arrive at venue 1 to 2 hours before event is  scheduled to start.
  • You will be responsible for your own internet connections (some venues may provide internet connection
  • You are allowed access for up to 8 members of your team for set-up and breakdown
  • Be prepared to accept multiple forms of payment, including cash and credit card.
  • Be courteous and professional in your interactions with customers and event staff.
  • Follow up with the event organizer after the event to get feedback on your performance and discuss any opportunities to participate in future events.
  • All vendors are required to promote event to their friends and supporters via email, text and various social media channels.
  • For outdoor events be prepared for unexpected weather conditions and have a plan in place to protect your food and equipment.
market place scene


  • Obtain proper licenses and permits from your local health department.
  • Have adequate insurance coverage for your business
  • Follow all food safety regulations, including proper food storage, preparation, and serving temperatures.
  • Have a clear plan for disposing of waste and keeping your vending area clean – come with your trash bags.
  • Communicate clearly with event organizers about your needs, such as electricity and water access.
  • Have a clearly marked menu with prices and any dietary restrictions or allergen information.
market place scene


  • Setting up and breaking down their booth within the designated times
  • Abiding by any rules regarding signage and branding
  • Not engaging in any activities that may be disruptive or damaging to the event or other vendors
  • Abiding by any rules regarding the sale of certain items 
  • Providing their own equipment, including tables, chairs, and displays
  • Paying any fees or commissions associated with being a vendor at the event
  • Being able to answer any questions that attendees may have about the products or services they are selling.