Highlighting ingredients that are commonly associated with various African ancestors
dishes that are not only delicious but also rich in cultural significance.

Event will include – Pouring of Libation, Lighting candle, meditation and
story telling


Highlights of “Feast for the Ancestors” include:

Cultural Significance: Each dish served at the event embodies the cultural significance of ingredients used in African spiritual practices, paying tribute to the deities and their stories.

Culinary Artistry: Renowned chefs will expertly blend traditional flavors and modern techniques to create a menu that not only delights the palate but also honors the heritage of African cuisine.

Immersive Experience: Guests will be transported to a world of African traditions through captivating decor, music, and presentations that tell the stories of Eshu, Ogun, Sango, and other deities.

Community Gathering: “Feast for the Ancestors” provides a unique platform for attendees to come together, share stories, and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of African culture.


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What can I expect from the dinning experience? Dishes made from traditional ingredients, pouring of libation, lighting candle, meditation and story telling.

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