Astor Row Cafe

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The Astor Row Café, is the brainchild of two Harlem residents — me, Manny Pena and my wife Rose.
Having an extensive background working in bars and restaurants, Rose as a bartender, and myself as a fine wine specialist for restaurants and distributors we decided to fulfill our dreams and invest our savings renovating what was once a butcher shop, and try to create an atmosphere that combines both an urban and rural décor, with an industrial looking concrete floor and a counter with a stainless steel top and white oak wood base that came from a barn in upstate New York.
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City: New York City

Cuisine: French

Price Range: $5 to $25

Amenities: Delivery, Take-out

Delivery Options: Grubhub

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404 Malcom X Blvd NY, NY, 10037


Monday - Sunday
8:00 am - 9:00 pm



[email protected]


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